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Complete Guide to Set Up & Initiation a Rice Refining Plant
With Over 4 Decades of Experience, NTC has excelled in the consultancy and engineering of Rice Mill Refineries and Agro Cultivation plants. With our comprehensive product portfolio, webelieve we are best suited to guide and assist you in setting up a complete, modern and sophisticated Rice Mill. We specialize in providing cost-effective methodologies to Rice Farmers and Mills due to the exponential expertise we facilitate in the trade. Our cost reduction methodologies will be significantly effective with the modern machines that we supply. We have the full range of products required for Rice Mills and Rice refineries of any scale. We have a team of expert engineers and factory planning experts from China who will visit your designated premises and provide you with the most effective and feasible plan. Even if You are planning to start your rice mill, we would be excited to help you. Browse Our Website for More Info.
Our Top Tier Rice Mill Machineries and Why they are Better
We at NTC provide a variety of innovative products that segments our quality over thecompetition. Our products focus on providing you with incredible productivity, low cost andhigh sustainability.Silky polisherThe easy-to-use Silky Polisher MPGH19x1C comes with a "plug and run" system. Digital touchscreen control with long roll polishing and a multi-point atomizing dampening system. Also, itcontains an automatic control for the water system. The machine is a low noise, highly userfriendly.Packing scaleThe new Packing Scale DCS50S is the latest model which has adjustable sewing machinesystem. The machine comes with an adjustable conveyor and can move left-right with anautomatic thread cutting function driven by a motor. The unit is packed with sophisticatedsensors to give you a much more accurate output.HuskerThe Husker MLGQ comes with automatic control over the motion sequence of equipment torealize the tightening rollers when the paddy is feeding. Also, loosening when there is nofeeding. This feature enables incredible convenience in operation.The Linear control of tightening pressure between rolls with barometer, digital display thatregulates the feeding volumes are innovative features of this machine. Also, the machine usessynchronous belt transmission and no gearbox. Therefore, the machinery has low noise andminimum oil leaks, making it ideal for rice cleanliness. Firstly, witnesses a double-supportedprop structure with smooth transmission and stable performance. The Machine Use a vertical airsuction duct when separating paddy shell.SeparatorVery reliable & easy operation machine that is equipped with an automatic stop device, adoptingthe optimization of steel plate, where the separation is quality and reliable. The machinefacilitates easy adjustments with a double-armed structure design that is specialized for balancingwith superb mechanism performance.
The Legacy of NTC: Why We are The Leading Supplier in the Nation
NTC is the Number 01 Supplier of Rice Mill Machineries in Sri Lanka since our establishment 48 years ago. We specialize in Rice Milling Machinery, Rubber Rollers, Milling Spare Parts,Engineering and Repair Services to all types of Rice Extraction organizations.We take pride in being the first company to introduce many innovative types of machines to the local market. Our comprehensive warranty coverage allows a lifetime body warranty for all machines we sell and we provide company engineering services. Also, we provide extensive replacement support in a spectrum of Spares and accessories. Our success is due to the trust our stakeholders have in our machines and service. We believe that we influenced and contributed majorly to Sri Lankan Agriculture sector.  Our Machines function in the leading rice and agro cultivation throughout the country. We believe in supporting small to medium scale rice mills to capitalize on further business opportunities through our Innovative, Quality products.